Sunday, January 18, 2009

Procrastinate should be my middle name...

So I've been home now for over a month. No job, no classes, no real pressing engagements of any kind and yet I find myself sitting here on the eve of my last day at home with a monstrous to-do list and not finding myself the least bit surprised. By Tuesday morning I've got to:

  • Find some tasteful, preferably purple (as it is the wedding color) stationery paper to do invitations on for my sister's bridal shower. Proceed to prep said invitations for mailing.
  • Open a savings account, because no folks - I actually don't have one and it seems if it's my checking account, I will find a way to spend it. (note to self: current spending habits are not going to get me any closer to a new car or a spring break trip somewhere warm next year).
  • Call my credit card company for outrageous late charges on a bill I know I paid on time.
  • Search my bedroom (and house for that matter) for any miscellaneous items I may have lost. My mother says I'm messy...I like to think that I'm trusting with my belongings and am willing to share with anyone else around my general area and do so by leaving them out for others to enjoy. :] 
  • Meet up with an old friend whom I've yet to see this break but who I've talked to and promised to visit with numerous times. don't judge me too much, we're "busy" ya know what i'm sayin'?
  • Find a cute little book where I can log my maid of honor expenses so I can divide them with the other bridesmaids later...I don't have a money tree after all.
  • And finally, get some sort of menu of what I'd like to serve at said bridal shower that is approximately a month and a half away.

Definitely do-able, if I ever get my little butt in gear. That's one of my biggest flaws, I'm not very motivated on day-to-day tasks. I've never been able to stick with a workout plan, I always put off writing papers, reading for class or doing anything I remotely don't want to do until the very last minute. I don't even like getting dressed before I know where I'm going because if I have to change, it's a wasted outfit. Perhaps this will be something I'll work on for 2009. God knows it should be something I work on, but whether or not I find the motivation to work on my lack of motivation is another story. Any ideas? :]

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